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This site is separated into sections relating to the outdoor sports of Hunting and Fishing, blindness and the Second Amendment as well as chronicling more personal aspects of my life. It is my sincerest wish for this site to become a resource for people with disabilities who share a common love of the outdoors as well as personal freedom.

*** All about guns and blindness from the USA’s First Totally Blind CCW Permit Holder ***

Special Item of Note:

Hunting Mountain lion by Dog and rifle in the mountains of Nevada, January 31st/February 5th, 2015. Seeking a Cinematic first in capturing the moment that the predator drops by the marksmanship of a totally blind hunter. Can’t decide if I will be using the AR15, or my 30.06 bolt-action rifle that I took the bear with.

In memoriam

Jim’s Shooting Demo

Jim Miekka, my student and co-advocate for gun rights for the blind, was struck and killed early in the morning of August 19, 2014, by a passing vehicle, while walking on a road in Maine with his guide dog Zoey. A great blind marksman and inventor, he was by my side in the gun debate, obtaining his own concealed carry permit from Florida, while always thinking of new ways to make blind target shooters more independent. Below is an article in which we, along with a retired police officer friend of his, tried to convey just how capable responsible blind people can be carrying firearms for self-defense. He shall be greatly missed.

Guide Dogs and Guns: America's Blind Gunmen

Trailer for Mini Documentary

Mini Documentary

Dreams Really Do Come True


This is my new buddy, Capricorn, at about ten-feet long and weighing 567-pounds. He is a big baby who played Sandy in Jaws 3 and now can be visited at Discovery Cove, Florida.

Dolphin Swim Video

Sentenced to Whale Jail for Two Hours


Due to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, no ship can actively come within 100-yards of such cetaceans with engine running, but apparently such didn’t apply to these three male humpbacks fighting for the lone female, who used our ship as a form of birth control, Maui, Hawaii, March 7, 2013.

Whale Watch Audio

I had to duck my voice recorder into my pocket half a dozen times to shield it from their snot showers.

Hitting Targets 33-miles Away is the Ultimate Expression of Blind Marksmanship


My wife and I would like to give our personal thanks to the men and women of the Navy for giving us this surprise private VIP Tour of the battleship USS Missouri on March 3, 2013.

Meeting a Hall of Famer

Joe Gibbs

I had the chance to meet the former Head Coach of the Washington Redskins and 1996 Inductee into the Football Hall of Fame, Joe Gibbs, at a breakfast and book signing for his New York Times Best Seller, “Game Plan for Life”. After signing my book, the owner of NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing suddenly put his very real Super Bowl ring on my finger for this photo. Thanks coach.

Not Quite Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, But Close

Carey's Nascar Ride along

This is a short video of my ride along with one of the premiere drivers in NASCAR, Florida, May, 2013. Aboard the 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr National Guard Salute Car, which represents the men and women of the Army and Navy, I had the experience of zooming around the race track behind 600 horses at over 165 MPH. What a head rush.



And the best thing about it is...

It was all catch and release!!!

Carey McWilliams, SW FL Fishin' Extravaganza with D BO

Totally Blind Shark Hunter Battles Monster Tiger Shark


Sharks are my personal Favorite fish to catch, and so below is the video of my fight with the largest shark I have hooked to date, an estimated 1,000-pound, 13-foot Tiger Shark. Included also is the first parts of a near ship collision we had with a huge liner exiting the harbor.

Monster Shark Video


2013 Waterfowl

“Now there’s some waterfowling,” said a voice from the rainy darkness throbbing with thunder, as I held up this my second day’s limit of ducks for the camera. The two day assault on Teal near Garwood Texas, September, 2013, had opened with a shot that removed the head of a threatening deadly Water Moccasin, while powerful thunderstorm’s moved in overhead. We shot right through, the lightning so bright as to reflect off the surface of the 10-acre pond, or so I was later told, flocks of teal inbound through the downpour. Shots were made overhead, left, right, and off the water at ranges from 10 to 50 yards with both a 12-gauge pump and 20-gauge auto. In total, our group of disabled hunters downed over 100 ducks in the heavy weather of which 12 were mine. Not too shabby.

Proud to be a Red Neck

2012 Mule Deer

I had to set down my open can of beer to make the standing 120-yard neck shot on this 2-by-3 mule deer buck from the other side of my guide's truck with a 270 bolt action rifle, November, 2012. Talk about a red neck hunt, but there was no spoilage and the buck felt no pain, which is the only way I will continue to hunt, clean and humane.

Second Apex Predator

2012 Bear Hunt 2012 Bear Hunt

My first black bear Taken in the mountains of Idaho at 9.15 P.M. May 31st, 2012 by 30.06 bolt action rifle at a range of 60-yards. Always wanted to be a Totally Blind Bear Hunter.

Elk at the bear bait
Bear in the woods
Blind Horseman
Summary of Bear Hunt

Blind Wing Shooter Bags Texas Teal

2011 Ducks

First batch of Teal I have ever taken, 2011

Using a bird dog and 20-gage, I downed a number of ducks and doves that weekend, making an unbelievable 45-yard wing shot on a fleeing teal, September 2011. Sometimes you can only wish for a camera.

Blind Marksman Verses Bbbbiiiigggg Gator

2011 Alligator Hunt
2011 Alligator Hunt

Using a 44-magnum bang stick at pointblank range, I harvested this over 11-foot, very heavy bull alligator during a night hunt on shore in the heart of the Florida Everglades, August 17th, 2011.

Gator Hunting Videos

Glassing for Gators from Airboat
Snagging first 10.5-foot alligator from shore
Reeling in and loosing first 10.5-foot alligator
Final 11.25-foot catch

A shot of Wild Turkey


My first spring gobbler taken by crossbow on the banks of the Missouri, 2011.


2010 Deer Hunt

I dropped this large whitetail buck by crossbow on the banks of the Missouri, October, 2010 in 90-degree heat with only 21-minutes invested in the blind. Everything should have told me that the hunt would not end normally.

Deer Hunting Videos

Rise of the Zombie Buck
Tracking and Recovery

Birds: Robin Hood Style

Below are two videos from my first pheasant hunt by crossbow, October, 2009.

Pheasant Hunting Videos

Carey McWilliams 2009 Smoking Pheasants Part 1
Carey McWilliams 2009 Smoking Pheasants Part 2

In memoriam


Kyle Marple, 37, Fargo, formerly Elbow Lake, Minn., died as a result of injuries suffered in a skydiving accident. Below is the complete video of our first jump. He shall be missed.

Skydiving Videos

Classroom Video
The Jump

Dueling Biographies

Autobiography Cover

Guide dogs and guns: America's First blind marksman fires back / by Carey McWilliams.
ISBN: 9781600022951
Published: Washington, D.C.: National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, 2008.
Dewey No.: 362.41092 B ANF
Book Number: RC 65699 (2 sound cassettes (C-90): analog, 15/16 ips, 4 track, mono.
Book Number: DB 65699 (access: downloadable talking book)
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Bill Wallace (Narrator).
Some strong language. 2007.

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